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Newsletter: Week of 12/10/17

2017-2018 Calendar

August 31 | Orientation
September 6 | First Day of School
September 29 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
October 20 | No School for Students
October 30 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
November 3 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
November 10 | Parent Teacher Conferences/No School for Students
November 13 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
November 22-24 | Thanksgiving Holiday
December 8 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
December 25-January 1 | Winter Break
January 15 | MLK Jr. Day No School
January 26 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
February 9 | No School for Students
February 19 | Presidents' Day
March 29 | Two Hour Early Dismissal
March 30-April 6 | Spring Break
May 28 | Memorial Day

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November STEM inventions were incredible! We saw the most amazing things some of which including: a gumball machine that plays music, a gnat trap, a pen holder, a guitar, a robot pencil holder, a nightlight, an egg carton waste basket complete with a built-in air freshener, and more! We were blown away with how well these turned out! We cannot wait to see the gifts our scholars make for December monthly homework due December 22nd!

This week in Kindergarten…

English Language Arts
We will be reading the story “Animal Babies in the Grasslands.” The story will look at animals that live in the grasslands! We will be discussing Main Idea, working with initial and final /p/, and learning about adjectives.

As we finish up counting and writing numbers 11-20, we will be moving onto counting numbers to 100! We will start with counting to 30, then skip counting to 100 by 10’s. It will be the first time we are going to use a hundreds chart! Please note: students should still practice finding 1 and 2 fewer. Be sure to get some extra practice at home! An easy way to incorporate this at home is during dinner prep or at the grocery. For example, “I have eight apples, but I need 2 more (or 2 fewer). How many will that be? Can you do that for me?” This will help make Subtraction and Addition much easier later in the year!

Students will begin exploring the water cycle and using vocabulary terms including precipitation, accumulation, evaporation, condensation.

High Frequency Words
Here are our sight words we have learned so far. Remember to practice reading and writing these words regularly! (When reading at home, if you see these words, have your child point it out!) All of the words we will learn this year are available on our grade level website under “Sight Words.”

I, am, little, to, a, have, is, the, we, my, like

– Homework is due on FRIDAY each week and returned the following Monday.
-December STEM homework is DUE December 22nd.
– Please read regularly! Remember that just 20 minutes a day can boost your child’s reading levels!
– We have a pending field trip to the National Aquarium on January 30th. If you would like to chaperone any future field trips, you must have a fingerprint background check. This can be obtained from the Fingerprint office at the county building 14201 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD Monday-Friday from 8:00am-3:45pm. For more information or to contact the fingerprinting office, please look at the fingerprint office website: http://www1.pgcps.org/fingerprinting/
– Please remember to send an extra pair of uniform clothes to keep in your child’s cubbie at school in the event of accidents or spills.
– Uniform is enforced daily, including uninterrupted black shoes. Please go to http://cmitelementary.org/uniform-policy/ for more information.

The Kindergarten Team

-The Kindergarten Team