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Not only does CMIT offer unique programs such as Lego and Ecology as part of our regular curriculum, we also ensure that students are meeting and exceeding the Common Core State Standards.

Visit Common Core website or Maryland Education website for the latest updates in education!

Due to the nature of Kindergarten and the Common Core Standards, we are working on multiple standards at any given time and revisit standards throughout the year in different intensities. For example, one standard states, “Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.” Throughout the year, we work on various phonics (first beginning sounds, then transitioning to ending, medial and digraphs) and word decoding, slowly building up students’ skills.  To stay up to speed on the specific items we will be working on each week, please refer to the Kindergarten section of the school newsletter where we list and discuss our upcoming focuses – including some tips on what you can do at home to support and emphasize these skills!

Homework is given weekly on Fridays. (For days there is no school on Fridays, you will receive the homework the day before.) Graded assignments are sent home on Fridays (weekly or bi-weekly); however, we do a lot of hands on activities and notebook work, so there is not a lot sent home. Please check schoolmax regularly for student grades.

In addition to hands on activities, manipulatives, and small group instruction, we use the following Pearson materials to supplement classroom instruction:
Reading Street
enVision Math
Interactive Science
myWorld Social Studies

Looking for more ways to learn at home? You can select subject/topic specific activities with these websites!


Other websites to check out, just for fun:



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