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For new/interested parents, we have been receiving a lot of questions. To help, we created a list of questions commonly asked.

What curriculum is used?
CMIT follows the state and district Common Core State Standards.  With that, each classroom differentiates instruction based on student needs.

What makes CMIT different?
While we follow county standards, we do have flexibility in our method of instruction.  This allows us to differentiate instruction as needed for all learners.  In addition, we have an emphasis on STEM – offering students the unique opportunity to learn skills such as coding and robotics.

What tests will my child take?
Students take all state and district mandated tests as well as MAP tests.  In Kindergarten we administer district assessments in Language Arts and Math as well as the MAP test, a computer based adaptive test that measures student knowledge and potential growth.

How many students are in each classroom?
Most classrooms have 25 students, with primary grades having an assistant teacher.

Is there before or after care?
There is before and after school enrichment available for a fee.  The program offers a structured curriculum that incorporates snack, homework, and exercise/play.  For details, please contact the school directly.

My child has an IEP/504 plan. Are you able to meet their needs?
This is a case by case basis.  After enrollment, we will meet with you to discuss their needs and whether the school will be able to meet them.  If you have pressing questions, please contact our Special Education teacher, SMcVeigh@cmitelementary.org.

Is transportation available?
No, parents are responsible for transportation to and from school.  There are bus services and programs that parents have established that we can connect you with.

When does school start?
Currently, school starts at 7:55 AM.  The earliest you may drop off your child is 7:35 AM.

When does school end?
School day ends at 2:30 PM.  All students must be picked up no later than 2:55 PM.

Are there uniforms?
Yes, we have a uniform policy. Details on ordering will be provided to parents after registration is complete.  Tops are embroidered polo shirts in blue or maroon.  Bottoms are navy blue or khaki with uninterrupted black shoes. Students in grades 3-5 also have P.E. uniforms worn on P.E. days.

What are home visits?
Home visits are an opportunity to meet with teachers at home.  It is created to develop an informal meeting with teachers, while creating a relationship with families beyond the scope of school.  It is part of our school culture to create a community that includes parents and teachers working together to ensure the best education for their student. (Note: Home visits do not have to occur at home.  Should you request a meeting elsewhere, we can accommodate those needs.)

Can I come to the school and observe?
Unfortunately, no. Only parents of currently enrolled students with a fingerprint clearance are permitted while children are present.  Please check our main school website: www.cmitelementary.org for the next Open House.

If you’d like a peek at our facilities, here are a few photos from different classrooms.

DSC_0071 (2)

Ecology Lab


Robotics/Lego Classroom


iMac lab


iMac Lab – each student has access to their own computer during technology class


Hallway with student work displayed




Outdoor jungle gym




Each classroom is equipped with 5 computers